Leap Physical Therapy: Dr. Jen Clark
(607) 376-7878
E-CENTER, Delhi, NY 

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If you're unable to follow me to Walton to continue your chiropractic care I recommend Dr. Blocker or Dr. Viafore in Delhi.


Dr. Jen Clark, PT (see above) can also assist you with any physical health concerns.


Delhi Chiropractors

Dr. Seth Blocker, 607-746-8600 (accepts insurance)

Dr. Anthony Viafore, 607-746-8999

Certified Massage Therapists


Cathy Allen, 917-885-1882, cathyallen@massagetherapy.com

Jennifer Hewitt, 607-434-5444 or email coulterbrook@gmail.com 

Chelsea Frisbee, click here for her website

Hillary Trelease, 607-437-0830


Kendra Deno, 607-353-0140

Rachel James, 607-269-5020

Oneonta Acupuncturist

Kate Cauley,  (607) 386-4636

Laura Reyda, 607-353-2499

Amanda Lewis, click here for website